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Special Business Training

Active Threat / 5 hours

Live Trainer at Location

This training is scenario based at the business location of relevance.  This is practical application training for your employees in the event of an active threat (shooter, bomb, fire, fight).  The training consists of the following:

*Active Shooter historical actions and response

*Human Response - Fight, Flight, Freeze

*Process Refinement - "Run, Hide, Fight" 

This 5 hour training is split between 2-3 days and is intended to assist leaders in refining their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for and Active Threat response. 

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Intentional Communication / 4 hours

Live Training 

Intentional communication is effective communication.  If your organization promotes internally and promotes based on technical skills, odds are the personnel being promoted haven't had to worry about communicating with others to get a job completed. Why? Because, they did it themselves! Our scenario based training allows leaders to refine their communication approach to different personalities and backgrounds.  We also focus on delegation  techniques and understanding different level of communication.

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Customer Service / 8 hours

Live Training

This training is scenario based.  Instructors use practical events relevant to your service industry in order to work with employees to refine internal processes for future occurrences.  This training is designed to improve your organization's customer service process by assisting leadership in codifying your own best practices.


This 8 hour training is split between 2-4 days based on employee schedules and practical exercise requirements.      

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